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Bodies as Music: Using Technology in Dance Movement to Manipulate Stage Lighting · PERFORMANCE

Professor: Rich Dionne

Using data taken from movement sensors on dancers’ bodies, we created software and hardware that allows the use of this data to control stage lighting to create an interactive performance environment. My professor and I developed a system to allow users to configure their own sensor setup, choose algorithms to manipulate the data, and broadcast data packages through OSC messages on a closed network.

CS407: Senior Project


We built an Apple Watch app to help humans on the spectrum learn volume management. The app gives haptic feedback to the speakers as they get closer to being too loud for their setting to help them understand what is appropriate without needing someone else to cue them.

CS408: Software Testing · GITHUB


Wish you could take Spotify's music discovery features one step further? We built a Facebook Messenger chatbot that builds custom playlists based on user inputted artists, songs, genres, etc. and their Spotify listening history.

Boilermake Spring 2017 · GITHUB

Spotilytics · TRY IT

Ever wish you could have the Spotify Year in Review feature all year round? My friend and I used Spotify's API to pull your top tracks over the past six months and give you fascinating insights.

CS307: Software Engineering · GITHUB


Class project for which we built a hub for academic resources for Purdue students that were once scattered and hard to find. We included a variety of features from tutor listings in the area to SI sessions, Office Hours, and other campus resources.


Bharatanatyam (Indian Classical)

12 years

- Arangetram (debut 3 hour solo graduation performance) in 2013 · VIDEO
- Student of Mythili Dance Academy

Hip Hop

4 years

- Member of Dance 2XS Purdue · FALL BARNITE 2018 · SPRING BARNITE 2017 · FALL URBANITE 2017 · FALL BARNITE 2017 · FALL URBANITE 2015
- Bharatnatyam & Hip Hop Fusion Choreography · VIDEO
- Clash of the Halls (2013) 1503 Hall Dance · VIDEO

Musical Theater

5 years

- Choreographed for and performed in The Secret Garden · REVIEW
- Other Productions: Once on this Island, Fiddler on the Roof, Aladdin, Alice in Wonderland, The Music Man



- Sangeet Dance (Jan 2019) · VIDEO

Modern & Contemporary

2 years

- Movement Researcher for the Bodies as Movement project led by Renee Murray, a Dance faculty member at Purdue Universiy
- Purdue Contemporary Dance Company member (Spring 2019)


CS193: Tools* · SLIDES & LABS

Lecturer; Curriculum Development
(Summer & Fall 2017)

Toolkit course run by USB for college freshmen at Purdue to learn CS concepts not taught in the classroom (Terminal, Git, etc.)


Co-Founder; Curriculum Developer; Mentor; Web Developer
(2013 - 2015)

Entrepreneurship education program aimed at high school students that teaches students how to transform an idea into a profitable business

Kanban Challenge* · WEBSITE

Creator; Organizer
(Fall 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017)

Team-based event that challenges competitors to complete a given set of tasks in a small timeframe using the Kanban Method

* initiatives of Purdue's Undergraduate Student Board for Computer Science